Company History

Jan. 2008Acquired “Innobiz” certificate from the Ministry of Knowledge and Economy
Nov. 2007Acquired the certificate of “Parts & Materials-Specialized Company” and “R&D Division” from the Ministry of Knowledge and Economy
Apr. 2003Be incorporated into Wooree Electronics
Dec. 2002Acquired CE-mark (European certificate) for all the models of digital temperature controller Acquired ISO 9001(2000) certificate
Acquired ISO 9001(2000) certificate
May. 2002Expanded foreign customers for export / Columbia, Germany, Hong Kong, China
Nov. 2001Acquired CE-mark (European certificate) for FH-60N, an analog temperature controller
Oct. 2001Be designated as “a promising small and middle-sized exporter” by Small and Medium Business Administration
Dec. 2000Expanded foreign customers for export to Syria, Japan, and Russia
Aug. 1999Started the first import to the world, Taiwan
May. 1999Made a contract for supply with “Arneg-Samsung”
Oct. 1998Started to sell a product for freezing only for “Arneg-Samsung”, a worldwide maker of open show cases
Nov. 1997Completed development of a digital temperature controller and produced
Mar. 1995Started to develop a digital temperature controller
Mar. 1992Made a technical tie-up with Nexcon Technology
May. 1991Started to manufacture and sell an analog temperature controller (for heating)
Apr. 1991Founded Wooree Electronics